Greenhouse gets the perks of growing outdoors and indoors with the help of mother nature and artificial rooms. With a slender shape, Mars Hydro SP series provides supplemental sunlight to greenhouse cultivation without blocking natural sunlight, and provides a strong illumination after sunsets as the sole lighting to support your plants.


Pressional pre-sale consultaion

Mars Hydro has been in LED grow light market since 2009. With 10+ years of market experience and research on the requirements for commercial LED grow lights, we have built a professional consulting team that can provide you with the most suitable and matching scheme for your unique situation. If you would like to consult, please contact email:, or add WeChat: +8618628970280.

Speed and safety assured delivery

Fixtures are supplied according to an agreed schedule. Mars Hydro owns local warehouses in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Russia, and China, accepting various cargo receipt methods - such as pick-up, express delivery, truck transport...thus promising you a scheduled cargo arrival.

Dedicated after-sale service

Once the transaction is agreed upon, Mars Hydro will serve you with an individual consultant to solve your concerns about warranty issues. 5 years warranty and local warranty centers in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Russia, and China to give you a worry-free cultivating experience and quick response on maintenance and replacements.

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