Mars Hydro 6 inch Inline Duct Fan Kits with Speed Controller

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Fan/Duct/Filter Size: 6 Inch Airflow: 402CFM Noise: 32dBA Controller Type: Speed Controller With a 6'' inline duct fan rate for 402CFM and an activated carbon filter with Australian charcoal, including a speed controller and 33ft flexible ducting, Mars Hydro inline fan and filter combo provide all you need to control the air circulation and the odors in your grow room.

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Package Include: Package Include: 6″inline duct fan with speed controller, 6″ carbon filter, 10m length flex ducting,3 Duct Clamps, Humidity Thermometer; Timer; 6 Grow Bags; 120×120cm Plant Nets; 2 Adjuastable Rope Hangers.
Powerful Ventilation And Filtration System: The 6'' inline fan provides a powerful 402CFM airflow, operates quietly, and is capable of transferring heated or cooled fresh air in and out to maintain a balanced growing environment. 6'' carbon filters help eliminate toxic fumes and strong odors from the grow room while the inline fan is operating.

Perfect Growth Partner: Fast assembly, work as a cost-effective, convenient ventilation combo

Mars Hydro 6 inch Inline Duct Fan Kits with Speed Controller
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