Mars Hydro TS 1000 2.5'x2.5' Full Spectrum Dimmable 150W LED Grow Light
  Low Energy-Consuming LED Grow Light: Consuming 150w and also mounted with 354 chips, TS1000 has the ability to replace a 250w HPS light while reducing 40% power intake.High Efficiency LED Grow Light: With overall light output PPF 343umol/S as...
4,653.00 ฿
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Mars Hydro FC-E4800 BridgeLux 480W LED Grow Light
  Homogeneous PAR Distribution: FC-E4800 has 2646 pcs high-quality BridgeLux chips. The dense layout of LED chips makes the light more uniform and penetrates better. It can avoid overdrive while achieving an efficiency of 2.8 µmol/j.Special Combination of Spectra: With...
16,081.00 ฿
Mars Hydro FC-E6500 BridgeLux 730W Commercial LED Grow Light
Uniform PAR Distribution: Featuring 3546 pcs quality BridgeLux chips and a special chip arrangement that allows a more even distribution while avoiding overdrive. With an efficiency of up to 2.8 µmol/j, every corner of the plant grows the best results.Exclusive...
20,825.00 ฿
Mars Hydro SP3000 300W Samsung LM301B Led Grow Light
  High Efficiency LED Grow Lights: 960 Samsung LM301B diodes and 300w power input make the SP3000 the superior high-efficiency LED grow lights, saving 25% of power and increasing light intensity by 30% over the HPS.Leading Efficacy And Good Penetration...
13,262.00 ฿
Mars Hydro FC-E3000 BridgeLux 300W LED Grow Light
  High Efficiency and High Quality: The dense light chips and special arrangement combination make FC-E3000 have even light distribution and stronger penetration. The high efficiency, which can reach 2.8 µmol/j, also does not need to worry about overdrive.Exclusively Designed...
9,810.00 ฿
Mars Hydro FC3000 Samsung LM301B 300W LED Grow Light
  Super High Quality LED Chips: The FC3000 is made up of 896 pcs Samsung lm301B, resulting in an efficiency of 2.85μmol/j. Twice as many LEDs as comparable lights, driving the grow lights at low current and effectively avoiding overdrive.High...
11,363.00 ฿
Mars Hydro TS 600 2'x2' Full Spectrum 100W LED Grow Light
  Reduced Energy Usage LED Grow Light: Consuming 100w as well as being installed with 225 pcs chips, TS600 is able to replace a 150w HPS light while saving 30% electric power.High Efficiency LED Grow Light: With overall light output...
2,741.00 ฿
Mars Hydro FC6500 Samsung LM301B Vertical Farm LED Grow Light
  Top-quality LED Chips: The entire light is built with 2688 pcs Samsung lm301b chips. Use more than twice as many LEDs as similar lights to drive the grow lights with low current and avoid overdrive. Quality guaranteed and high...
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Mars Hydro TS3000 450W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light For Hydroponics
  Low Energy Consumption LED Grow Light: Consuming 450w and also placed with 1016 pcs chips, TS3000 is able to replace a 600w HPS light while saving 25% electricity.High Performance LED Grow Light: With overall light output of PPF 1151umol/S...
12,447.00 ฿
Mars Hydro TSL 2000 3'x5' Full Spectrum Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light
  Low Power Consumption LED Grow Light: Consuming 300w as well as mounted with 704 pcs chips, TSL2000 can be the alternative of a 400w HPS light while saving 25% electrical power.High Performance LED Grow Light: With total light output...
8,814.00 ฿
Mars Hydro SP150 140W Full Spectrum Led Grow Light
Efficient LED Grow Lights: SP150 mounts 322 pcs@120V (360 pcs@240V) diodes, consumes only 140w electrical power, but has matching PPF output with a 250w HPS light while saving 44% electricity. Adequate PPF Output: Emitting 261umol photons per second, SP150 promises...
4,229.00 ฿
Mars Hydro FC4800 Samsung LM301B 480W LED Grow Light
  Superb Quality LED Chips: The whole light is composed of 1680 pcs Samsung lm301b chips. More than two times as many LEDs are used to drive the grow lights at low currents and to avoid overdrive. Quality is guaranteed...
19,800.00 ฿
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