FC-E Series LED Grow Light

The FC-E series offers a cost-effective alternative to all multi-bar grow lights with the advantage of a low initial cost and still deliver outstanding yields using a dense cluster of BridgeLux chips in each bar for high-intensity indoor LED lighting. A lighting experience for all types of indoor gardens.

FC Series LED Grow Light

The FC series LED plant lighting solution utilizes the Samsung LM301B horticultural optimization chip with a uniform layout and full light spectrum to deliver uniform and high PPFD across the entire canopy and energy-efficient performance, providing uniform and stable quality indoor lighting for greenhouses and verticals. Allows you to grow plants. . Farm for bountiful harvest all year round. This is one of the best LED series in the industry.

TS Series LED Grow Light

The TS series includes the best full spectrum LED bulbs for growing indoor plants. The best-selling horticultural lighting series provides PAR rich in red and blue light to activate photosynthesis from seed to harvest. The patented reflective dome reduces light scattering and increases light intensity for greater energy efficiency. The TS series is virtually unmatched in its price range thanks to its impressive grow light performance.

SP Series LED Grow Light

 SP series LED grow lights are the best grow lights for greenhouse grow. Equipped with multiple chips arranged in one LED string and a thick fin heatsink, it provides excellent light transmission and a high red light ratio while remaining as cool as the environment. Equipped with a dimming function, the SP series helps match the dynamic DLI of indoor plants.

Supplementary LED Grow Lights

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