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On 1000W LED Grow Lights, What Does Mars Hydro Offer?

Mars Hydro 1000W LED Grow Lights

1000 watt grow lights are a thing of the past since LED grow lights have been widely adopted in the horticultural industry. Due to the high efficiency of LEDs, only 800W or less of electricity is required to produce the same PPFD as a 1000W HID lamp.

However, “1000 watts” is now being revived because we have underestimated the potential of plants. According to recent studies, some economic plants, such as weed plants, will produce the greatest economic benefit when they receive more than 1,500 PPFD in late flowering.

If you are ready to join the wave, read on to learn more about the 1000W LEDs and what Mars Hydro can offer you with the “1000W LED Grow Lights”.

Frequently Asked Questions on 1000W LED Grow Lights

bar-style 1000w led grow lights

Is it necessary to run a 1000W LED Grow Light?

Not necessary! If you grow your own plants at home, you don’t need such powerful grow lights. 800W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights can take care of all plants and growing methods well.

However, if you are running a room or a house, or a plant to grow plants for sale and are hitting the return limit, you can try increasing the maximum power to 1000W.

For commercial cultivations, you just need a lot of power. Adding intense lighting at the end of the flowering stage will stimulate the buds and send a “you’re ready to finish” message, which means more dry weight, more yields, and more returns.

How Many Plants Can A 1000-Watt LED Grow Light Grow?

4 – 6 medium-sized weeds if you’re using the LED to get more intense light. Up to 16 plants if you’re hanging the LED very high to reach its largest coverage. Please note that we are talking about standard-size adult plants here, with some space reserved for each pot to stretch.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A 1000-Watt LED Grow Light?

Assuming you run an 18/6 lighting schedule for your plants and keep the lights at maximum power, and the cost of electricity is $0.165 per kWh, the cost of running a 1000-watt LED grow light for one day is $2.97, or $89.10 for one month.

However, you probably won’t be using full power for your seedlings and vegetation stages (most LEDs can be dimmed these days) and will probably change the lighting schedule to 12/12, so in total, the cost to complete a round of indoor growing with a 1000 watt LED grow light is likely to be much less than $267.30 ($89.3 * 3).

What To Keep In Mind When Investing In 1000W LED Grow Lights?

Instead of looking at the price, look at the PPFD footprint (PPFD chart), the cooling performance, the total amperage, the versatile features, and the backup service.

PPFD footprint (chart) presents the light coverage, intensity, and distribution. You will get the most useful information about an LED grow light here.

Cooling performance is crucial for any high-powered appliance that needs to run for long periods of time, especially since plants are very sensitive to heat.

Commercial growers need to be careful with the total amperage, as some regulations limit the maximum amperage you can run.

Versatile features, such as smart features, connecting features, and spectrum features differ from one brand to another, that’s where brands rack their brains to help their LEDs stand out.

Backup or after-sale (post-sale) service is the foremost thing to consider when buying any LEDs.

So now that you know some basic information and what to look for in 1000 watt LED grow lights, let’s see if Mars Hydro can provide you with a perfect lighting solution with our FC 1000W and FC-E1000W.

Features of Mars Hydro 1000 Watt LED Grow Lights

Mars Hydro provides two 1000W LED grow lights: FC 1000W, and FC-E1000W. They share some common features that stand out among other 1000W grow lights.

High Energy Efficiency

Light Emitting Diodes are already efficient at converting electricity into the exact useful light that plants can use with less energy going to thermal waste. The Mars Hydro FC1000W and FC-E1000W build on this by using high-quality diodes and proprietary power supplies to save even more electrical energy, resulting in a 30% increase in efficiency.

Passive Cooling & Low-Current Running

The Mars Hydro FC1000W and FC-E1000W feature a multi-bar design with large spacing between each bar to allow more airflow for heat dissipation. In addition, the large wave heat sink on the light bar helps to quickly dissipate the heat from the running diodes. 

There are 3,710 diodes installed on the FC1000W and 4,910 diodes on the FC-E1000W, far more than any other LED grow light on the market. Having more diodes on each bar sharing the 1000W power input allows each diode to be kept running at a low current rather than full load, which greatly extends the longevity of the LED grow lights.

Remote APP Control & Programmable Versatility

app controled programmable 1000w mars hydro led grow lights

The Mars Hydro 1000W LED grow lights – FC 1000W and FC-E 1000W – are equipped with the latest smart features. Growers can control the lights and program their lighting schedules whenever and wherever they want via the Mars Hydro APP on their smartphones. On top of that, the APP can control 100 lights in groups considering if you’re growing something big. And of course, if you are preparing to control more than 100 lights on the APP, no problem! Just contact Mars Hydro Sales Team and they can help!

All data, including dimming levels, power consumption, and pre-configured lighting schedules are transmitted and stored via the cloud, so growers can not only control and monitor the lights on their cellphones but also enable lighting customization – the plant lights will automatically run and shut off at the brightness and time you set. In the app, Mars Hydro also offers growers a “Sunrise & Sunset” option that allows the plant lights to automatically adjust lighting levels to simulate the sunrise and sunset process.

Scalable Flexibility: Covering 4×4 FT To 4×6 FT

scalable flexibility of 1000w led grow lights

Scalable flexibility is a stellar feature that Mars Hydro offers only in the 1000W LED grow light. The idea to develop the FC1000W and FC-E1000W LED grow lights was based on two problems we encountered in our commercial projects.

One of our partners suggested that we build a more intense light, preferably with a PPFD of 2000 μmol/m²/s, to provide a strong stimulus to late flowering buds. Another partner suggested that his room would have a 4×6 ft table and that a few large plant grow lights could provide intense lighting with a width of 6 ft at the most efficient cost. He had to spend more money on lights with less practical applications.

As a result, Mars Hydro built their 1000W grow lights with both a powerful output and the ability to cover a 4×6 foot area. the FC1000W and FC-E1000W are capable of covering 4×4 feet in a general square shape, providing extreme PPFD readings averaging 1800 ~ 1900 μmol/m²/s, with a maximum PPFD of 2300 μmol/m²/s. The two LED grow lights were also fitted with extension poles so that the light bars can be rearranged to make the light become rectangular in shape to cover a 4×6 foot area and still provide PPFD readings as high as 1100 ~ 1300 μmol/m²/s. 

The above problems have been solved by Mars Hydro’s new 1000W LEDs. In other words, the Mars Hydro FC1000W and FC-E1000W are flexible to be used as a powerful flowering grow light and a LED grow light dedicated to 4×6 ft rolling tables (or any 4×6 ft growing area).

Mars Hydro FC1000W VS FC-E1000W

Okay, so what is the basic information about the Mars Hydro 1000W and what are the differences between FC1000W and FC-E1000W? Continue to read to get more details.

Specification Chart

ModelFC 1000WFC-E 1000W
General Footprint4 x 4 FT
Extended Footprint4 x 6 FT
Spectrum660-665nm, 2800-3000K, 4800-5000K
Wattage Consumption870W-890W@100V-120V; 970W-1010W@180V-277V
AMPs8.311A@AC120V; 3.933A@AC240V; 3.294A@AC277V
Diode BrandSamsung LM301BBridgeLux
Diode Quantity37104910
Lifespan50,000 H50,000 H
Power SupplyMars Hydro DriverMars Hydro Driver
Warranty Provided5 Years5 Years

Commercial cultivators should note that local governments may restrict the total amperages in your grow rooms, so pay attention to the “AMPs” when you invest in any grow lights for regulatory compliance.

In addition to the specifications in the chart above, the FC1000W and FC-E1000W have several of the same features we mentioned earlier:

  • High energy efficiency makes it waste less to heat, and leverage more to light;
  • Passive cooling design and low current running diodes allow for good thermal management and longer lifespan;
  • Smart control availability to enable remote wireless control, programmable configuration, and sunrise and sunset simulation;
  • Scalable flexibility to match different lighting needs and specific commercial grow room settings.

common features of mars hydro 1000w led grow lights

FC1000W VS. FC-E1000W

Their differences are easy to learn in the chart, and in a previous blog we write “​Mars Hydro FC Series and FC-E Series – What’s The Difference?” Mars Hydro has explained the differences between FC Series and the FC-E Series, which are also the differences between FC1000W and the FC-E1000W. Their differences are mainly because of the diode brand and quantity difference.

Therefore, we put a table here to make a conclusion.

ModelFC 1000WFC-E 1000W
Diode BrandSamsung LM301BBridgeLux
Diode Quantity37104910
PPE2.9 μmol/j2.8 μmol/j
PPF2885 μmol/S2766 μmol/S

FC1000W, as it belongs to the FC Series, utilizes highly efficient Samsung LM301B diodes; while FC-E1000W, as it belongs to the FC-E Series, continues to use the BridgeLux diodes, the quantity of which is 1200 pcs more than the Samsung diodes the FC1000W has. To learn more about LED diode (chips), read Mars Hydro’s blog “Why LED Light Chips Are Important for Growing”.

However, FC1000W wins in terms of the PPE (Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy) and PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux), which are the important criteria for measuring the performance of a grow lighting fixture.

As for the heat generated by these two fixtures, it is easy to know that more diodes generate more heat. But don’t worry, the passive cooling design and the huge strip spacing have reserved enough space for cooling. Therefore, both FC1000W and FC-E1000W can operate in cool and stable conditions.

There’s little difference in terms of performance between the two 1000W lights. So it mainly depends on your preference and budget if you hesitate to pick one between them.

Mars Hydro 1000W LED Grow Lights Provide A Perfect Commercial Grow Lighting Solution

If you are ready to apply high-wattage LED grow lights in your grow operations, contact Mars Hydro Team for a complete lighting project. The Mars Hydro FC1000W LED grow light and the Mars Hydro FC-E1000W LED grow light will promise you a powerful, intense, smart, versatile lighting system. Whether in terms of PPFD footprint, cooling performance, efficiency, or exclusive features and backup service, Mars Hydro 1000-watt led grow lights stand out above the rest. So why not contact Mars Hydro before making your next purchase?

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