Smart Grow Tent Ventilation: Mars Hydro iFresh Inline Duct Fan

Mars Hydro iFresh Inline Duct Fan

Ventilation is an essential part of cultivating healthy plants in any closed growing system, especially the grow tent ventilation. Proper ventilation can either provide dry, cool, and CO2-rich air to the plants by supplying fresh air from outside the enclosed system, or exhaust the hot, humid. and odorous air inside your system when paired with a filter.

While some parts of these two ventilation systems may be different, in real-world applications they need to achieve the same goals – get used air out, get fresh air in, balance relative humidity and temperature, and make the air flow.

For the grow tent ventilation, Mars Hydro released a smart line of ventilation fans: the iFresh smart inline duct fan. What can the smart features do for the ventilation system?

Specifications of the iFresh Smart Duct Fan

Fan Size6 Inch4 Inch
Max Airflow402 CFM205 CFM
Max RPM2,800 RPM2,600 RPM
Max Noise32 dBA26.8 dBA
Dimensions315*225*210 MM303*202*190 MM
Speed ControlAPP & ManualAPP & Manual

The iFresh smart inline fans include 2 sizes – the 6-inch fan is for grow tents of 4×4 ft and 5×5 ft, and the 4-inch fan is for grow tents sized up to 4×4 ft. (Currently Mars Hydro only has 6-inch smart fans available). iFresh duct fan maintains manual control of the fan speed based on the newly developed mobile app control mode, which allows for two control options according to growers’ needs.

The iFresh fan focuses on quality. It utilizes a powerful EC motor to drive the blades efficiently and quietly, so the angled fan blades increase airflow by up to 40% compared to other inline fans. The entire fan housing is made of high-quality ABS plastic for greater durability and water resistance.

What Makes iFresh Smart Inline Fans Stand Out?

Common inline duct fans compete with each other in terms of quality, airflow, noise, and longevity. As every aspect of inline fans becomes similar from brand to brand, it’s time to bring something new to the inline fan market.

Climate Data Monitoring & Remote Control Of Fan Speeds

One of the most desired functions of inline duct fans is to maintain optimal temperature and humidity in the growing tents by supplying cool air from the outside or exhausting hot air from the inside. The problem for normal fans is that growers have to manually operate them based on their experience. 

For example, when the temperature figure rises above 26 degrees Celsius, the grower will take the time to walk to the grow tent, open it, and turn on the inline fan until the temperature drops and reduce the fan speed to a level where the temperature will not rise again. Not to say that not all growers stay around their growing space all day.

How about equipping inline fans with climate data monitoring and remote control capabilities? Then the cultivator can control the inline fan in time to keep the temperature and humidity at a perfect level at all times, no matter where or when.

Mars Hydro iFresh smart inline duct fans do just so. By connecting the inline duct fan to the house WiFi on smartphones, growers can turn on, turn off fans, and adjust the fan speed regardless of the distance. A climate sensor is also installed on the fan to monitor and display temperature and humidity data at all times so that timely adjustments can be made based on the data collected. Besides the temperature and humidity, there are also data on wind speed, air volume, and wind pressure.

But growers can’t keep their eyes glued to their phones all day. It would be great if the fan would start working on its own when the climate data is not the ideal number.

mars hydro iFresh smart inline duct fan with climate sensor and phone application

Climate Triggers Setting & Automatic Loop Timer

Mars Hydro has taken this into account as well. A fan “settings” block on the app allows you to pre-set temperature and humidity triggers. When the temperature or humidity level is not within your chosen range, the Smart Duct Fan will start working at maximum speed to bring the climate to your desired level.

All you need to do is to select a trigger number on the slider for either temperature or humidity or both, and the slider will have a “green range”, beyond which the fan will automatically start working. Then you can completely get rid of the annoying focus on climate numbers and repetitive operations on the APP.

Some growers prefer to have fans running at a steady speed to keep the air flowing inside the growing room, as this avoids some of the diseases that a humid, uncirculated environment can bring to plants. To achieve this on a normal inline fan, they set a timer on the fan’s socket to cut off the power when the fan has finished working for a specified period of time.

The Mars Hydro iFresh smart inline duct fan itself has a “timer” function. By setting the “Start Time” and “Duration”, the fan will automatically start at the “Start Time”, work long enough for the “Duration”, and then stop. And it’s a loop timer, which means as long as you turn the timer on, the fan will automatically start to work and stop every day as you set it. During the working period, the iFresh fan will stay at the fixed speed you set, and the speed can be adjusted at any time through the Mars Hydro APP on your cellphone. You can save your budget on a physical timer by using the free Mars Hydro APP!

mars hydro iFresh smart inline fan applied in the grow tent with app settings

The only thing to note is that “Timer” and “Climate Settings” are incompatible functions – when you have “Timer” set, then “Climate Settings” will not function; when you have a “Climate Setting” running, the timer will not work.

You Smart Ventilation: Mars Hydro iFresh

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, ventilation is critical to plant health in any enclosed environment. Therefore, smart ventilation can save you a lot of time, effort, and attention in maintaining a steady airflow in a dynamic environment. What Mars Hydro iFresh smart inline duct fan can do for your cultivation? Remote mobile control and monitoring, dynamic climate triggers, and automatic loop timer. Get a smart fan for your grow and enjoy the intelligent features now.

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