Mars Hydro 4x8 Grow Tent - 96''X48''X80''(240X120X200cm)

Mars Hydro TH
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· Plant capacity: 8~24 . · Recommended Ventilation: 8’’ Inline Fan . · Large grow tent for incipient big scale indoor grow. Mars Hydro 4x8 grow tent features robust metal structures to support 243 lbs of weight easily. The sturdy 1680D grow tent is lined with 98% reflective Mylar to enhance light intensity by 25% and with finely sealed fabric to prevent light leaking. All are designed to provide a year-round suitable indoor growing environment for your plants.
6,800.00 ฿

Sturdy Indoor Grow Tent: The Mars Hydro Grow Tent is made of iron construction, and steel corners that can hold up to 240 pounds, and will not rust, tip over or be crushed.

Eternal Growing Space: Mars Hydro indoor grow tents provide growers with a specific area to grow their favorite plants year-round without worrying about the season or weather.

Easy-to-use Design: Mesh windows for easy viewing and removable floor trays for convenient maintenance. Round ventilation holes and flexible nylon ropes facilitate the installation of circulation systems.

No light leaks: Mars Hydro indoor grow tents feature 1680D ripstop canvas and carefully sewn zippers to keep all the light inside and avoid light leaks.

Increased Light Intensity: The highly reflective diamond interior mylar reflects light throughout the plant, increasing light intensity by 25% and helping to increase plant production.

DIMENSION 8'x4' (96''x48''x80'') (240x120x200cm)
VENT SIZE 3x8'',4x10'' (3x20,4x25cm)
MESH WINDOW SIZE 2x10''x10'' (2x25x25 cm)
DOOR QUANTITY 2 front doors 2 back doors
Mars Hydro 4x8 Grow Tent - 96''X48''X80''(240X120X200cm)
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