Hydroponics, medicinal crops, urban vertical farming and Greenhouse production, Mars Hydro will offer bulk price and light suggestions for your commercial project. Contact us now! [email protected]


SP-Highest penetration, Powerful & efficient

Full spectrum, small and efficient. The SP series provides high distributed PPFD and a high light output per fixture, helping to reduce your grow system cost per area. The high penetration brings bountiful harvests for grower who cultivate tall plants.

FC-Maximize grow space, Optimal uniformity crops

Whether growing food, medical or ornamental plants, the Mars Hydro FC series was designed for single or multi-tier growers who want to optimize their grow space for maximum crop yield, while producing the highest quality crops

TS3000-Best budget light, Patented design

Mars Hydro TS3000 led grow light, fanless design, upgraded dimming daisy-chain boxes. Providing a silent grow room for you with a full spectrum layout and the latest SMD LED chip to optimize your plants' output and making it ideal for all kinds of indoor plants from veg to bloom and all growth stages in between.



MarsHydro SP LED Grow light for Commercial growing


FC6500 Good for commercial growing
TS3000 budget led grow light for commercial veg growing