Mars Hydro VG80 LED Grow Light- Perfect for Seedlings Veg and Cloning

Sufficient lighting is a necessary condition for successful plant growth. In order to provide suitable light for your plants, the most convenient way is to use LED grow lights. For most growers, diodes quality, PPFD value and spectrum of grow lights are the first three factors to be considered when purchasing. However, the lighting needs required for each stage of plant growth are different. So how to buy a grow light that not only conforms to the rules of plant growth, but also satisfies all the above factors?

Please don’t worry. Considering growers’ increasingly specialized requirements for plant cultivation, we launched an LED grow light in October this year – VG80 LED Grow Light, dedicated to providing high-quality light for seedling, vegetative stages of plants and cannabis cloning.

Helping your beloved plants bloom and bear fruit cannot be completed overnight, and the road is definitely not smooth. But if you own VG80 grow light, you have already taken on a shortcut.


Basic Specifications:


80W±5% 100-277V

Max Coverage






Chip Brand



4800-5000K, 455-465nm, 650-665nm




The Preliminary Understanding of VG80 Seedling Grow Light

Appropriate Ratio of Blue and Red Light for Plants Growth

The key factor in choosing a grow light is to check if it adds complete spectrum suitable for all stages of plant growth. For plants to thrive, providing them with the different color spectrums they need is paramount.

Blue spectrum and red spectrum are the essential spectral colors for your plant’s growth. In the seedling and vegetative stages of plants, the effect of blue light wavelength( 400-500nm) is particularly significant, it can allow more carbon dioxide to enter the leaves, thereby promoting the opening of stomata. At the same time driving the peak chlorophyll a/b required for photosynthesis to be absorbed, helping plants to synthesize proteins and amino acids. Although red light is an integral spectral color for plant growth, its effects on the early stages of plants are not so obvious. The wavelength of red light( particularly around 660nm) is mainly responsible for the flowering and fruiting of plants, and making it easier for plants to achieve photosynthesis better.

If plants don’t get enough blue light but too much red light at the seedling stage, they are possibly become thin and weak (also known as “leggy”). This kind of “leggy” plant tends to produce fewer flowers and creates an untidy spindly appearance.

It is precisely because of the importance of blue light for seedling and vegetative, we have enhanced the appropriate proportion of it when designing VG80 grow light to effectively prevent the plants from growing excessively in the early growing stage, especially when the temperature is high (more than 20°C), and lay a great foundation for the later harvest.

In addition to its remarkable effect on the early growth of plants, blue light also plays an incomparable role in cannabis cloning. Cannabis cloning refers to cutting cuttings from living cannabis (mother plant) as a clone, then putting it into a medium for cultivation to promote its root growth, which shows that the growth and development of roots are essential for the success of cannabis cloning. The sufficient blue light of VG80 grow light also plays a significant role- helping plants grow a well-developed root system, so it is believed VG80 LED grow light will be widely favored by cannabis clone breeders.

You can clearly check the blue and red wavelengths of VG80 grow light for seedlings:
The wavelength of blue light: 650-665nm, the wavelength of red light: 455- 465nm

Mars Hydro VG80

User-Friendly and Ultimate Versatile LED Grow Light Bars

VG80 Grow light’s overall size is about 1150 x 50 x 31mm (45.27 x 1.96 x 1.22inch) and the total weight is about 2.1kg, extremely compact and lightweight to save space. In addition, hanging kits are included in each VG80 grow light package, you can easily use it to hang your grow light in any grow space like grow tent, green house, etc.

Mars Hydro VG80

Apart from this, VG80 grow light for seedlings is composed of two independent light bars, so it’s the best partner for plant shelf (especially SF shelf) and extremely convenient to install. It is because of this special design, VG80 Grow Light for vegetative is compatible with specific indoor grow systems, such as bottom lighting, side lighting , inter-canopy lighting and top lighting. The advantage is providing sufficient light to the plant from all directions to prevent uneven growth of different parts of plants to increase their yields.

Mars Hydro VG80

All-Round Waterproof Grow Light: Prevent Short Circuits& Keep Long-lifespan

Humid environment is believed to be the natural enemy of electrical appliances, but it’s no need to worry about. VG80 seedling grow light is equipped with IP65 waterproof-rated light bars and transparent waterproof lampshade. Besides, the plug- and-play connector and the wire are designed with a waterproof seal to ensure the light is fully water resistance in all directions, strictly prevent the occurrence of short circuits, and achieve normal operation in a high humidity environment.

The features of waterproof and moisture-proof also determine its long lifespan, providing you with a safe user experience that you can use with confidence for many years.

Mars Hydro VG80

“Plug-and-Play” Allows Growers to Connect All Grow Lights in Series

Different from ordinary LED grow light bars, plug-and-play components are added to VG80 seedling grow light, which is convenient for growers to use multiple lights in series, up to 20 LEDs and plug-and-play components can be connected simultaneously. Is it complicated to install? No, all you need to do is connect the different two lights with the pair of plugs easily. With this ingenious design, it becomes rather convenient to control multiple VG80 grow lights simultaneously, which is absolutely tailor-made for commercial growers!

Mars Hydro VG80

The Best PPFD Values for Seedlings Veg and Cannabis Cloning

VG80 LED grow light for seedlings is equipped with 432 high-efficiency diodes from the internationally renowned brand OSRAM, can meet the lighting needs of 4×2 feet of growing space and provide your plants the uniform PPFD. On the one hand, a uniform PPFD ensures that the grow light can be evenly irradiated on every point of the plant through the canopy. On the other hand, it can prevent the center of plants from being burned due to excessive PPFD values. The PPFD Charts of VG80 grow lights at different heights are as follows:

According to the above charts, the PPFD values tested by VG80 grow light at different heights are evenly distributed in the range of 2×4. And based on popular data, whether it is cannabis or most plants, the PPFD value they need at seedling stage is maintained between 100µMol/m2/S and 300µMol/m2/S. So VG80 grow light perfectly meets the PPFD needs required by the plants and cannabis’s seedling stage.

And according to Mars Hydro professional internal product testing, when cultivating plants under the uniform PPFD of VG80 LED grow light, the plants grow faster and the fiber content can be reduced to maintain the taste if the lights are not turned on at the early growing stage but properly turned on before harvesting.

Mars Hydro VG80

The Preferred Replacement for T8/T12 Fluorescent Grow Lights

VG80 LED grow light can be used as the best replacement for T8/T12 fluorescent grow lights. First of all, fluorescent lights usually require a separate ballast to run, which consumes energy and is expensive to replace, while LED grow lights don’t need it. Secondly, LED grow light is designed with higher safety performance and no pollution to the environment. Thirdly, the lifespan of ordinary T8/T12 fluorescent lights is about 20,000 hours to 24,000 hours, while the lifespan of VG80 grow light is about 50,000 hours, absolutely the king of durable light bars!

Let VG80 Grow Light for Seedlings Enrich Your Growing

If your plants are in the seedling stage, vegetative stage, or root growth stage of cannabis clones. And you don’t know how to start to help your plants grow healthy and strong in their “adolescence”. Why not try VG80 grow light specially designed for seedling, vegetative stage and cannabis clones? Please believe that Mars Hydro will always be your most reliable choice, no matter what questions or suggestions about our new light you have, please feel free to contact us!

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